How to update Windows 10 Operating System

How to update Windows 10 Operating System?

We often receive notifications and pop up messages about updating our outdated applications. It is frustrating to receive such notifications while we are in the middle of an important task. But, updating your Windows operating system is essential since it offers the user the latest features, improves security, and also fixes any problem. If your device is running slow it is important to update your Operating System as quickly as possible. The windows have the task to periodically check the system updates and it will install them automatically. Once it is installed, you need to restart your system to make sure the update is completed. The updates can also be checked manually. In this article, we will guide you to update Windows 10 Operating System in a quick few easy steps.

update Windows 10 OS

Manually updating Windows 10

  1. The first step is to select the Windows start button that is visible at the bottom left corner.
  2. The next step is to Go to the Settings, you will find the gear icon
  3. Then select the Update and Security icon
  4. Choose the Windows update tab from the sidebar
  5. The next step is to check for updates. The Windows will search for any latest updates that are available.
  6. If there are new updates available, it will start to download automatically.
  7. Or if you come across any message saying that review important updates, click on it to download and install the updates.
  8. If you cannot find any update, your hardware might be incompatible.
  9. Once your device is compatible, the update will be available.
  10. Windows 10 allows the user to reschedule and once it is done, the system must be restarted to run the latest updates on your device.

update Windows 10 Operating System

Scheduling a Windows 10 update

  • By using the Windows update settings, you have to Schedule the restart that is available beside Restart now.
  • The scheduling page will be opened, choose the Schedule from the Time slider that is placed at the right.
  • Pick a time and pick a day option will be ready to choose from. By using the time ticker and the date you can select the time to restart your device.

While you are installing the updates, make sure that the device is not shut down or the battery power is running low when the system is being updated. If the device is shut down or the battery is low, there are chances that the system gets corrupted and once it gets corrupted, it has to be fixed by the experts by reformating the device. The Dell Service Center Hyderabad is available to fix any issues that you encounter. If you come across any issues about updating your system, consult the crew members of Dell Service Center. Updating your Operating System helps you to run your device smoothly and fix the bugs and improve the security of the system so that your device will be protected and works efficiently. Remember to plug in your device while it is being updated and restart your device to complete the update.

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