Social media is flooding with photographs of people, places, pets, food, and much more. What makes these photos special? The lighting, the effects, the filters, and much more of course. When photos are posted and shared people expect loads of compliments on the way they look and also the photo itself. This is the main reason we have so many photo editing apps these days. Google Snapseed on pc is one such app that has excellent photo editing tools. It’s all about turning a simple picture into a magical one in no time.

Snapseed can be used in iOS as well as android devices. It may seem like a simple editor however it is much professional than you think. You can play around with editing the brightness, contrast, filters, etc. This app was surely designed keeping in mind the end-user.

Why stick to Google Snapseed when you can explore deeper into the sea? There is plenty of fish in the sea. Let’s dive into the sea of alternatives for Snapseed!

Here are the top 5 for you

1. PicsArt photo editor

PicsArt photo editor 

If you are a person who wants the best outcome with fewer efforts then this app is for you. PicsArt came with superb features and filters free of cost. This is why many would not forget this app. This amazing photo editor app keeps improvising and has reached everyone in a less span of time. The auto styling techniques can fix the saturation, brightness, and exposure making the photograph look stunning. Pay for the ‘Gold’ option and unleash loads of filters, frames, and much more. there are tons of editing that you can do using the free mode itself, so only if you are sure to use the hundreds of editing options in the gold mode you can go for it. Download PicsArt from Google play store today and explore the world of photo editing!

2. Pixlr 


Earlier known as Pixlr Express, Pixlr is another app that we cannot miss talking about. Here is an app that will gladly do the dirty work for you and save you time and effort too. Create wonderful collages and add effects that give a personal look to your photos. All you have to do is click’ Autofix’ and the lighting and saturation of the picture are fixed. The color splash mode brings out only the colors in the photo. This adds vibrancy to the photos when you choose the right color and right angles. You don’t even have to sign up so just install Pixlr from the Google Play store today and edit your images in a jiffy!

3. Adobe Lightroom

snapseed alternative Adobe Lightroom

If you are looking for a powerful app that can edit and manipulate images from an Android or iOS device then here it is! Adobe Lightroom is the same app available for Mac and Windows computers. This is easily available in your palm too. The unique feature of this app is it has a built-in camera. Even after clicking some of the best pictures using the camera of Adobe Lightroom, this app still gives you options to edit and take the image to the next level. If you have been using the presets from Adobe Lightroom in your system, you can link the account and use it on your device too. Install the app from the Google play store and have fun editing!

4. Fotor Photo editor 

Fotor- Photo editor snapseed

This app has been available in the Google play store for a very long time. You can find the basic editing features like cropping, flipping, rotating, and straightening here. This app also has advanced features like converting types of photos, reducing the grains, adding sharpness, frames and filters, and effects that can make your photos look like you have spent a lot of time and effort editing them. But in reality, it’s just a few clicks to get that high-level outcome. Install Fotor Photo editor from Google play store and enhance the images within minutes.


VSCO snapseed alternative

The whole world is talking about VSCO when it comes to editing photos. There is a reason for it. The built-in filters are unique and give a high-quality finish. However, the drawback is that the free mobile version only has 10 presets. There are a few manual editing that you can still access like saturation, contrast, shadows, brightness, etc. if you want to go for a paid premium version then we surely recommend VSCO as it is totally worth it. An excellent investment for your photography passion. Install the latest version of VSCO from the Google play store and experience a new level of editing.

These are five of the best photo editing apps that are alternative to Snapseed. Many of you may already have most of this installed on your devices. If not you can do it today and enjoy all the free benefits of these apps. Give your photos a new color pop, a new filter, a new preset, a unique frame, and see the image come to life.

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