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Third Party Integrations in ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin

You don’t just want another plugin to randomly restrict content or manually come up with random subscription algorithm. You want a site that integrates with other third-party e-commerce software to ensure that you and your users get the full experience. ARMember WordPress plugin does just that. It integrates with your content, helps push your products, and it provides an easy and effective way to manage your site.

You get to run your own program, you get to come up with your own reward packages for people who constantly visit your site, and for those who refer other users to your site. You also get to manage your payouts and have a clear view of your total earnings.

Key features

Third party integration is a key concept in anyone looking to run a successful membership site. It’s all a matter of how you set up your site, the incentives you offer, and how well you package your products.

  • You can’t put a number on affiliations here. The more the merrier. The main function of these integrations is to promote your products and services and to expose these products to as many people as possible.
  • It is important to note that you should keep your affiliates happy, they do work for you after all. You can do this by ensuring they get a substantial commission every time someone purchases your product, this can be on a one-off basis, or on a lifetime commission basis, which means this arrangement will continue in the future.
  • You also require backlinks on social media platforms. This is a good strategy to help get your name out there. Social media sites have recently become some of the most effective marketing platforms, with millions of users serving as potential buyers.

What you get

Maximum flexibility. The idea behind third-party integration is to monetize. In that regard, it is important to note that product sales and subscription plans, although independent, can be linked to create a system where you can assign certain products as a reward or a feature of a specific membership plan. The plan and the product can work together in the following scenarios

  • You can tie a membership plan to a product. For example, going from a bronze membership to a silver one will get you a custom coffee mug. This essentially means that once you purchase this subscription, then you get a complementary product as a reward for renewed or new memberships. This is an effective way to both market your products, and to give incentives to your users, to encourage them to sign up.
  • The memberships you offer can as well be products on their own.
  • You can also use product purchase as a way to grant memberships. For example, if a user purchases that customized coffee cup, then they can be rewarded with a free monthly subscription

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What to do

With integration with WooCommerce and other third-party platforms, you get strategies that will help you maximize on payouts.

  • You can create products for members only. This means that you can come with a range of products that can only be purchased once a user becomes a member. You need people to buy your products.
  • You also need to differentiate between trial runs and loyal memberships. This will help give you a starting point when developing content for free users, and differentiating it from what you put out there for your members. They need a lot of work, and once you get signups, then you need to ensure that they stay happy.
  • It all boils down to convenience, so if you have a well-planned out integration platform with any of the e-pay platforms, then you will be able to offer premium members advantages like free shipping on certain bulk purchases. Discounts for members is also a good way to go, usually because it acts as an incentive for non-members to get in on the action
  • Members also need to know what’s in it for them if they sign up. Having a specific perk for each subscription level will help members know what they get once they sign up. This can also be a feature used for free sign-ups and it may also be a good idea to provide an option where a new user can get a trial run, maybe for a week, either paid or free. This limited access can allow potential members to see what’s on offer without necessarily compromising the content restriction feature.
  • Third party memberships, characteristically, are necessary in order to improve how you handle and deal with your members. All the incentives and coupons and rewards wouldn’t be possible without third-party integrations, this is why the last, and the most important step is to simplify member communications by making the process as interactive as possible.
  • This can be done through membership notes where your members can put in information that helps you track information, as well as keep a clean eye on customer satisfaction.
  • Improved communications mean also ensuring your members are kept updated on new products, new promotions, and, it also means that they are alerted when their subscriptions are about to expire. Most membership sites receive renewal payments either monthly or annually, it is quite common for users to forget to renew their memberships. This is why your third party affiliates can be used to run an automated reminder email that alerts your members before their subscriptions expire. They can also throw in a little something for members who constantly render payments on time.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that memberships sites are a business endeavor, and without the right kind of partnerships, it becomes very difficult for any business to prosper. Third party integrations serve the purpose of ensuring your site runs at full capacity, and it gives your users value for money. At the end of the day, you want your site to make you money, to work for you, and to make sure people keep coming back.


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