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Why Getting Enough Sleep is Important If you have Autism

From infancy all the way into adulthood, sleep is important. There is a near endless list of reasons why people born with Autism may experience sleep issues. While many look the other way and continue to live life as if nothing’s wrong, there are serious repercussions of not getting enough sleep.

Studies show that Autistic people who do not sleep well end up having a hard time concentrating, they experience poor physical health and are often irritable. You want to make sure you get as much sleep as possible every night to stay generally healthy. Actually the teenagers with Autism need more sleep when comparing to the others.

Still skeptical about sleeping for longer? Here’s why getting enough sleep is important if you have Autism.

Why Sleep is Important

Enjoying quality sleep works wonders inside your body. When you sleep for the recommended number of hours, you get to reap immense benefits, both physically and mentally. Some of the reasons why sleep is important includes

  • It promotes your mental health and wellbeing. You have better memory and can focus and concentrate for longer
  • It maintains growth and improves your physical health
  • It improves overall quality of life. You are in a better mood when you sleep better but grumpy and cranky whenever you haven’t had enough sleep
  • It supports healthy brain development and function. You have improved cognitive and problem-solving abilities
  • It gives your body the chance to rest and repair itself. Through cell repair and regrowth, your skin looks vibrant, your hair grows thicker and you grow strong bones
  • Re-energizes your body system for the next day. Whether you’re studying or working, enough sleep means that you have enough fuel to take you through the next day
  • Increases your level of immunity which aids to fight infections and diseases

Problems Caused by Lack of Enough Sleep

Adults and children with Autism cannot afford to gamble with their sleep. While it is risky for ordinary people to go for longer without sleep, it is far much worse for people with Autism. If you’re Autistic, failure to get enough sleep could cause problems such as,

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Aggressive behavior and irritability
  • Poor memory and cognitive function
  • Hyperactivity
 Lack of Enough Sleep

What can you do to Sleep Better?

There are measures you can take to ensure you get the desired amount of sleep each day. You can start by,

  • Creating a nighttime routine that helps you wind down in preparation for bed
  • Turn off or dim the lights inside your bedroom an hour or 30 minutes before bed
  • Turn off all screens and electronics that may distract you from your sleep
  • Avoid taking coffee and other stimulants right before bedtime
  • Read a book or listen to soft music
  • Take a warm, refreshing bath/shower

Should you still experience difficulty sleeping despite trying your hardest to apply the recommendations listed above it is prudent to involve a sleep expert. Sleep experts are equipped with ample skill and knowledge to help people with Autism sleep better. They do this by finding the main culprit behind why you’re not sleeping and offer viable solutions to get you to enjoy a better quality of sleep.

There’s not a single argument refuting the fact that getting enough sleep does play an irreplaceable role in anyone’s life. Now you know why sleep is crucial and what to do when you can’t sleep.

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