cleaning the store room

How to clean and organize your storeroom

The storeroom is one of the important places in your house where you are stacking all the cooking ingredients in one place. so, you must clean the storeroom on a regular basis to fight against the dust build-up. Some storeroom needs in-depth cleaning, to avoid moisture and storage smell that depends on the materials you stacked. In case if you find any difficulty in the cleaning process you may hire or get advice from Quick cleaning services for the quick cleaning.

Cleaning process

Before starting the cleaning process, you should be ready with the necessary tools required for the cleaning

  • Broomstick
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Scrubber
  • Bleaching
  • Duster
  • Cotton pad
  • Mop

Step 1

Take off all the stored products from your storeroom. wipe the products with the cotton pad or with the duster and leave them outside the storeroom until the cleaning process is done.

Step 2

You can dispose of the expiry products and unnecessary items from the storeroom, so you find some free place.

Step 3

With the help of broomstick sweep the floor and inspect for any webs around the storeroom wall and ceiling. If you found any dust or web immediately dust away by using the same broom or by using the feather duster.

Step 4

After dusting and sweeping now treat the floor with the dishwashing liquid. Mix the dishwashing liquid with hot water and start mopping. You can use a scrubbing brush to eliminate the heavy stains in your storeroom.

Step 5

If you found any dust build-up or mildew in the storeroom or in the stored products, you can treat this with bleach, mix a bleaching agent with water and scrub the mildew using a cotton pad dipped in the solution.

Step 6

Move the stored item back to the storeroom. Drape a cover over the stored products, that helps to protect them from the dust.

How to Organize the products

Using the kitchen ingredients in the storeroom before the date of expiry is one of the challenging tasks. It is depending on how you arranged your products and food items in the storeroom. organize your storeroom shelves in the best layout to provide easy access to you on both the front side and backside.

Follow the rule of FIFO

To use the food before the expiry date, try to arrange the storeroom products by the rule of first in, first out. This means every time you get the new products from the market, you should arrange it back to the existing one to ensure that the old products are used first. By this all the products are used before the expiry date. This saves your money and decreases the wasting of food ingredients and products

Label your Ingredients

While arranging the ingredients in your storeroom, imagine your storeroom like a supermarket rack. With the help of sticky notes or markers label the products and ingredients to avoid the confusion. It helps you to remind you about the product purchase and if any new guest arrives at your home, they can utilize the storeroom without your help.

Note: Control temperature, light, and moisture that helps to extend the life of  your stored products

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