Professional Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, nature conspires to beautify our surrounding and breathe new life into both flora and fauna. But apart from the lovely weather alone, this is the ideal time for you to do thorough cleaning of your home or office in readiness for summer. Remember, in spring, it is easier to tend to your garden or compound and clear away any debris that had been covered by snow. A perfect spring home cleaning is the perfect way to usher in the warmer, friendlier summer time. EOT Cleaning Services has compiled a list of some of the top tips to guide you in spring cleaning. We are the real pros when it comes to all your residential and commercial cleaning needs. These tips should always be on your fingertips;

  1. Start by preparing a check list; a checklist is the first step towards effective and professional spring cleaning of both residential and commercial properties. It helps you plan and know what to start with, where to end, what tools and equipment you’ll need for every job, and so on so forth. A checklist takes about 10 minutes to complete, but goes a long way in guarantying you of a superb job.
  2. Walls, tiles, tops; when cleaning the inside of the house, always start from the top going downwards. Otherwise, you can’t stop by mopping the floor, then start removing cobwebs from ceilings or washing kitchen tiles of grime. Start by wiping cabinets, the loft, kitchen drawers, etc. Afterwards, you can now clean and mop the floor cleaning from the far corners, coming out towards the main door. Once the entire place is cleaned and sparkling clean, open the windows to allow in fresh air.  Leaving the windows open and curtains pulled aside also allows for natural light to filter in; very important especially if you have indoor plants and flowers.
  3. Garden clearance; once the house is tidies up, you can now turn your attention to the garden, Spring is the ideal time to cut and trim off any dead plants, and plant news ones too. Also clear the garden of any waste and rubbish that may have been covered by snow all winter. Although most home owners hardly think of it, the same branches and bushes you trim in your garden can be dried up and used as firewood for your house fire. Sawdust and smaller twigs can be used to mulch your garden in summer and reduce evaporation


Although these professional tips are doable by anyone at home, it makes much sense to hire a professional cleaning company to give a helping hand. such is likely to be better placed to handle and dispose of all manner of waste. EOT Cleaning Services is now giving all London home and commercial building owners some great discounts for our services as we usher in Christmas. For every home or office cleaning job that we do for you, we’ll add a bonus service for free; it could be free carpet cleaning, or garden clearance. Get in touch today for more details on this and other awesome offers.


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