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4G EE Mobile Signal Booster

4G EE mobile signal boosters are taking over the UK market by storm. Almost everyone is looking for the right EE booster to suit their needs. You may wonder why. But until you experience the inconvenience of losing your signal right in the middle of an important conversation or an emergency, you want to make sure you find a solution that guarantees this will not happen again.

That solution, for many, is the 4G EE signal booster. Read on to find out more about this device.

How the 4G EE mobile signal booster works

An EE booster is an electronic device that consists of various parts including an outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, amplifier, and a coax cable. All these parts work together to help boost and rebroadcast weak signals. In turn, this allows you to make however many phone calls, to as many people as you want at whatever time of day.

In simple terms, an EE phone signal booster works using a mechanism. This includes,

  • The outdoor antenna

The outdoor antenna’s main job is to find and capture weak 4G LTE mobile phone signals. It is an irreplaceable part of the EE signal booster. The antenna is often hoisted on the roof or a high pole outside your house.

There are two types of outdoor antennas. The Uni-directional antenna and the Omni-directional antenna. Of the two, the Omni-directional antenna is the most reliable as it can scan a 360-degree area and can pick signals from different carriers.

The Omni-directional antenna only covers a 45-degree angle but is the most dependable for when you want to boost extremely weak signals.

  • The amplifier

The amplifier comes in to boost the weak signal, which is how you can make uninterrupted calls. This is the middle component of the 4G mobile signal booster. Once the outdoor antenna captures the weak signal, it is boosted by the amplifier before it gets transfers to the indoor antenna.

  • The indoor antenna

The indoor antenna, also known as the inside antenna picks the weak signals captured by the outdoor antenna and rebroadcasts them inside your room or home. There are two types of indoor antennas. The panel antenna and the Dome antenna. The panel antenna only broadcasts signals when you stand quite close to it while the dome antenna covers a wider area. Both types of antenna are mounted on the wall for enhanced effectiveness.

When purchasing your 4G EE mobile signal kit, ensure that the above-mentioned components are all present. If need be, ask for help from your service provider when setting it up to avoid damaging or installing it wrongly.

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