Air Cargo Services From Uk To Pakistan


Segmented group of air carriers provide air cargo services. They also provide various services which are based upon wide ranging of customer demands.

There are numerous types of carriers which provide these services out of which four of the most common are:

Integrated express operators.

All-cargo carriers.

Commercial service passenger airlines.

Ad. Hoc cargo charter carriers.

All-cargo carriers:

They generally operate scheduled wide body aircraft from one major airport to another, such as Chicago to Tokyo, Islamabad to London etc.

All-cargo carriers move almost 10 to 15 percent of world air cargo traffic.

Due to airport to airport service structure all-cargo carriers are typically concentrated in large, high volume market airports; geographic coverage is limited.

Air Cargo services:

Three primary types of air cargo service options are:

Integrated express service

Freight forwarding

Airport to airport.

Integrated express:

Providing shipment pickup, transport via air or truck, and delivery, integrated express carriers move the customer’s material from door to door.

FedEx, UPS,DHL, USPS, and Airborne Express are included in integrated express operators.


Different companies provides different documents and small packages and numerous services to their clients/customers they serve.

Pk cargo is also one of the emerging names in this field and for the services of pk cargo go here and facilitate yourself with one of the best in the business.

Some companies also are transporting “heavy” freight, identified as more than 70 pounds.

Some company use a hub-and-spoke system similar to the passenger airline system. And also for Integrated express this system is the back bone.

It also provides connection with each and every market.

Freight Forwarding:

These companies act as brokers between the carrier and the shipper.

The forward handles wide-ranging types and sizes of freight, from small packages to be consoled into container loads, to oversized, one time freight movements.

Airport to airport:

This service is provided by almost all –cargo, ad-hoc and commercial passenger carriers. By the shipper the freight must be dropped off and it should be must picked up at the destination ( on the airport) by the customer.

Almost all the cargo carriers operate this (airport-to-airport) air cargo services for the customers. But they do not offer passenger service.



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