Are Your Sofas Old And Bulky? Vonvil Junk Will Help You To Remove them

Life is a continuous journey of self development; everyone keeps on dreaming of living a happy life as years progress. We keep upgrading and selling our old cars in order to buy a new, better one. Acquiring new and better homes, compared to our current ones. And by the same breath, people are always upgrading and acquiring better and more costly sofas for their homes. But what do you do with the old sofa, once you’ve purchased a new one? What do you do with old and bulky sofa that needs to be moved? You call Vonvil Junk!

Why Vonvil Junk?

  • Equipment; Vonvil junk understands that lifting and moving heavy sofas requires specialized equipment. They have well fitted trucks that can easily hoist and lift even the heaviest of your furniture. This ensures that the moving process is not only safer, but also takes as little time as possible.
  • Flexibility; if you want your old and bulky sofa moved on a weekend, on a public holiday, or even at dawn, then Vonvil Junk will do just that. Their team of experts is always on standby to move in when it is convenient for you. This ensures that you can plan your activities without being made to compromise on your moving plan.
  • Experience; another great feature of Vonvil Junk is the long duration they have been offering these services. For years, Vonvil Junk has continued to handle bulky sofas from homes across the UK, as well as from commercial properties. This experience places them ahead of their competitors, most of who are only beginning to offer these services.
  • Affordable; at Vonvil Junk, the cost of moving old sofas that are bulky is determined by among other things, the location of the sofas, as well as the distance of the intended destination. For instance, if you live on the fifth floor of a high-rise apartment, and need the bulky sofas transported 40 km away, and someone else lives on the ground floor and needs their old sofas moved across the street then the rates will definitely be different. The good thing however is that Vonvil Junk are caring and listening partners who will do the job at hand regardless of the budget you have. If you can actually book their services today, before Christmas, you’ll get a pleasant discount in the rates charged to you.

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