Models for photo shoot

Models for photo shoot

When you have a photo shoot, you may have everything in place, from the location booked, your team and the camera equipment ready to go. Yet one important element for a photo shoot to be successful is dependent on the models you choose. Models play a vital role in any photo shoot, they truly bring out the essence of the brand and this is why the importance of choosing the right models cannot be overlooked.

Here are 3 reasons you should reach us for all your photo shoot models;Models for photo shoot

    1. The right look and body specifications – The first traits a casting director looks for is models with the right features. How photogenic they are, unique facial features and most important question is are their body specifications aligned with those in the fashion world? This means the right height, bust, waist and hip measurements. It is important that a model has the right look, has great skin, hair and body to match and we have amazing models who meet all the criteria and are a pleasure to work with.
    2. Experience – Our models have great experience when it comes to photo shoots, all it takes is a little direction and they know to follow instructions and bring out the essence of the brand. They have taken modelling classes and have the necessary experience when it comes to modelling which will ensure the shoot runs smoothly and according to budget. They are also quite open minded and if you are looking for ladies with great sex appeal, then the models at Dolls and Roses will be perfect for your photo shoot.
    3. Professionalism – Our models are professional and know how to carry themselves. They have the work ethic, keep time, follow all instructions and are able to work in unique scenarios to ensure you get the very best results.


Whenever you have a photo shoot, reach us at Dolls and Roses for all your stunning models.

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