Start A Blog in 5 minutes

Blogging Tips: Start A blog In 5 Minutes

Are you wondering? How to start a blog in 5 minutes?. We will help you with below tips to be followed for building a strong blog that will help you get a huge amount of traffic and monetize in future.

  • Start to get expertise in a niche which you love the most and like to explore. This will keep you eager of learning new things in the niche daily.
  • Start a blog based on the niche to write about what you learn daily. Learning is as good as teaching the people around us who are likely in exploring what you have already done.
  • Purchase a Domain with the name of a brand or related to the niche. There are many domain registering platforms in the market, where we personally recommend SeekaHost, as their service is best from the rest comparatively.
  • Buy a hosting, which is reliable and trustworthy for best user experience on your website. We suggest to host, where you’re domain is actually registered. If you personally feel that hosting on the same platform doesn’t work, then host it on other services like SeekaHost separately.
  • Now, We are almost into starting a blog. Install a content management system on your website. Here, We Highly recommend WordPress, because no one can beat the reliability of WordPress.
  • Install the most important plugins on your website, which includes security, SEO, cache, and other website related plugins. In these, Security and SEO Plugins should be installed with high preference.
  • Finally, you’re into the stage, where you have to play and score for your performance. Yes, start blogging daily with no compromise. The Long you hustle, The high you reach!



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